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Weird Loners

weirdlonersshobbShould you watch Weird Loners? Probably not. If only because it’s useless to get attached to a show that is almost definitely going to be cancelled. Sometimes you watch a pilot and can just tell (looking at you, Manhattan Love Story). I really wanted to like this show because I love Becki Newton. This show does give me some of the deprecating humor last seen on Mixology, a show I really wish ABC would reconsider bringing back, and while I laughed out loud a few times, it was mostly at the physical humor. Getting hit in the balls and falling on your face is just funny to me, I don’t know why. The introduction of the characters is done awkwardly and the only truly golden moment is towards the end when the four loaners voice-over a wedding ceremony. Overall the pilot was kind of week and I don’t think I’ll be tuning in for week two. I don’t see it lasting past it’s 6 episode order.

Grey’s Anatomy Recap – The Moment

SHANNON BROWN, SARAH DREWMeredith is happy. Derek is happy. Meaning someone’s gonna die soon or some deep dark secret is going to be uprooted or a crash or natural disaster is on its way. That’s how Shonda and Co. get down. Or maybe not. Maybe we’ll get to just let the Shepherds have their happiness and we’ll focus on some other characters for a while. The Amelia/Owen storyline is developing and this week’s B-story with Stephanie was kinda fun. Then there was that awesome little girl whose medical journey spin-off I’d watch any day. Like Medical Explorers meets MasterChef Jr.

Like I mentioned, Meredith is happy. Like one of those annoyingly happy people she used to make fun. She has a perfect husband, perfect kids and a perfect job. Derek tells Amelia he will do whatever she needs him to. She’s the boss. She’s not buying it and waits all hour for the other shoe to drop. In her eyes Derek is a neuro-god who won’t like taking the backseat. Stephanie is having trouble meeting men and has been spending her hours on a Tinder-like app. A group of 5th graders are on a field trip to the hospital and we learn that “Plastics Posse” sounds even cornier when you say it to 9 and 10 year olds. While the kids are in the ER, a group of cops are wheeled in, injured from a shootout. One girl in particular is fascinated by the scene. She’s very reminiscent of Meredith in the childhood scenes after her mother attempted suicide.

Two of the three cops are brothers and they’re also the most severely injured. Half the police force has convened in the ER and the third, who has been shot in the leg, keeps asking about the status of the shooter. One of the brothers goes brain dead on the table while still in the ER. It’s only 15 or 20 minutes in and it’s pretty rare to lose someone so early in an episode. Right then I knew we were in for a long night. Continue reading

Grey’s Anatomy Recap – Wants and Needs

1200.2x1Derek has returned to Seattle and Meredith is immediately suspicious. She’s not particularly interested in talking and though rule number one on The Post-it is “no running.” She tells Derek to spend some time with the kids and takes off for the hospital. Owen and Amelia are engaged in the world’s most awkward flirtation when Verna Thornton Owen’s mom is admitted to the hospital accompanied by her tenderoni, John. We don’t know a lot about Owen’s family so this was exciting. Owen freaks the fuck out when he realizes that John isn’t just some first responder and is actually his mother’s boyfriend. I would have reacted the same way but my mama ain’t balling so he couldn’t be using her for money.

Continue reading

#GleeGoodbye – Series Finale Recap

glee finaleLet’s get one thing out of the way. The sixth and final season Glee was a big ole mess. It was a horrible farewell season and in general I was insulted as a fan that this was how the writers and creators were choosing to send everyone off. But the farewell episodes were great. Not perfect. There was far too little Unholy Trinity and I only laughed out loud and teared up once. I just can’t understand a finale without  a five-year Brittana update. There are better episodes in the realm of Glee, ones that made me feel more than this one (“The Quarterback,” “The Break Up”). But overall it was appropriate.

First let me get all of my issues out of the way. First, Glee introduced a TON of new characters in seasons 4-6 and we didn’t get a proper send off for any of them. It may come as a surprise that viewers and fans care about more than Rachel Berry. Second, we saw Matt who was on the show for one season and had 3 speaking lines get more screen time than Santana, Brittany, Quinn, Coach Beiste, any one from the season 4-5 New Directions or anyone from the New York story lines. How does that even happen? Third, this single group of kids from an after school Glee club in Nowheresville, Midwest America somehow produced like, 7 famous people. OK. If you say so. Last I checked, this wasn’t the goddamned Mickey Mouse Club.

Ok, now on to the actually recap. The first hour of Glee flashes back to the days before any of the originals signed up for glee club. I do love a good flash back. Best-TV-dad-ever Burt Hummel tells Kurt he needs to get out and make some friends. He sends him off to join a club by the end of the week. He was thinking more football or soccer…maybe even chess club… but Kurt joins the glee club and Burt’s pretty much “Whatevs. As long as you’re happy.” We then see how relationships formed between Kurt and Rachel, Kurt and Mercedes, Rachel and Mercedes and Artie and Tina. It’s weird because I’ve always thought of glee club being the thing that brought them together, and really it still is, but they have a ton of interactions with each other before auditions start. Speaking of auditions, I LIVED for Artie’s “Pony” cover. LIVED!!!! It’s so weird to be back in 2009. Myspace and Blockbuster were still relevant brands. Rachel was super intense back then, with her fast talking and her elliptical. And even though she’s still extremely self-absorbed, back then she was rude as all hell about it. So I loved when Mercedes put her on notice that she wouldn’t make taking the diva crown easy. Continue reading

Scandal Recap – Diego Unchained

imrs.phpIt feels like we somehow started this episode in the middle of something, because we enter in the midst of an argument between Abby and Leo…something about a “dustbuster.” A friend of Leo’s in publishing sent him a chapter from a kinky tell-all boo, thinking it would probably be funny, but Abby freaks when she finds out. Apparently it’s reeeeaaallll nasty too. Leo says he’ll handle it- it is what he does for a living- but Abby shuts him down and goes to Olivia. Olivia pays a visit to the author, Sue, a homely looking Lena Dunham in the world’s most awful wig. I know a lot of people can’t stand Lena but I thought she was brilliant and hilarious in this episode. She openly stanned for Olivia when she showed up at her door but was also a little terrified when Liv threatened to ruin her. That didn’t last too long, though. Sue may be style-challenged but she ain’t a dummy. She shows up at OPA and tells Olivia that she’ll scrap the book…for $3 million dollars. “Olivia Pope don’t come cheap, right?” She assumes that whoever hired Olivia is one of the high-powered DC men she’s slept with so Sue tells her to hit him up for the cash and she’ll back down. Olivia tells her that if she releases the book she’ll be branded a whore, at which point Sue proceeds to read Olivia top to bottom, left to right! Then she throws a little hair flip and wink at Huck upon her exit and I think he likes her. Continue reading

Grey’s Anatomy Recap – Been Here Before

xa-hug-from-richard-greys-anatomy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.1mWp8w-84Jw1GKrsgocdA car crashes into a house and the entire family inside along with the driver are brought into Grey-Sloan Memorial. The 911 page interrupts Callie’s hot date, and Arizona witnesses her goodnight kiss. Meredith is distraught over her phone call to Derek and whatever random woman answered the phone. She continues to call over and over but it keeps going to voice mail. With her being so distracted this might be the end of her streak. The wife of the driver arrives at the hospital and tells him he has Alzheimer’s disease. Maggie rips into her calling her irresponsible (gosh can this poor woman take a shower or a nap?) and we realize no one has told her that her bio mom died of Alzheimer’s.

The family inside the house- a husband and his pregnant wife- are in pretty bad shape. The wife seems OK at first but then she begins seizing from a brain bleed and she dies. Arizona springs into action to deliver the baby and Jo is completely lost as to what’s going on (even I knew what to do next…isn’t she like, a third year resident? SMH). When he baby is delivered he isn’t crying but Alex gets to work on him and soon he’s OK. Jo completely breaks down.

Arizona approaches Callie about her date but Callie shuts her down and tells her it’s none of her business. I get the immediately feeling that whatever Arizona was about to say about the woman was important and not petty. The driver wakes up and is completely lucid. Amelia springs into superhero mode and figures out that he did not have Alzheimer’s but that spinal fluid buildup mimicked the symptoms and the crash drained the fluid. If she places a shunt she can stop his fake Alzheimer’s for good. But then he finds out that the mother of the baby is dead and the father is in critical condition and he doesn’t want to remember that he’s a murderer. So he declines the surgery. And never changes his mind. He goes the rest of his life with fake Alzheimer’s and his poor wife has to keep taking care of him.

Bailey says Jo broke down because “death is scary. They just want to believe there is somebody out there who can defy it.” I still think she needs to get her shit together. Meredith is sure that Derek is cheating on her. She recalls when she first met him, he fled his city, ignored calls from his wife, met a girl, and fell in love. The difference is Addison cheated on him with his best friend so I think it’s a little different. He also didn’t run; Meredith told him to leave. Alex is honestly over all of it and just wants to sleep. I think he misses Cristina more than anyone. Arizona tells Callie that the girl she went on the date with is “Steak Knives,” this crazy woman who wanted to marry her after two weeks of dating then tried to stab her when she said no. They have a friendly laugh about it. I knew she wasn’t being petty! Also, sidebar, April has been feeling like Jackson is being to gentle with her and she just wants to be treated normal. They bang in the parking lot. Maggie finds out earlier in the episode that Adele (Richard’s wife) had Alzheimer’s and then he finally tells her that Ellis also has Alzheimer’s. Maggie naturally is a little embarrassed for standing on her soapbox earlier. Maggie says she already knew she carried the gene for Alzheimer’s; it’s why she’s so obsessed with puzzles. She’s just happy the gene didn’t come from Richard. They hug and it’s a super sweet father-daughter moment.

Meredith is home on her couch when she hears someone fumbling with the door. She opens it and it’s Derek. He immediately boarded a plane to Seattle after “the call” and that’s why his phone has been off. The episode ends before any explanations can be mad or any arguments can start. I think I’m gonna throw up from the stress of it all… this is one relationship on this show I need to work.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 pm on ABC.

Scandal Recap – Who Is Diego Munoz?

GUILLERMO DIAZ, SCOTT FOLEY, JOSHUA MALINAI fear that Scandal may be running out of unique stories to tell. I thought B6-13 was dead and yet here we are again. This mysterious omnipotent organization essentially fell apart earlier in the season, with Papa Pope hanging out in Canada and being really bad at fishing. But Huck, having given his files to his ex-wife in order to convince her that he wasn’t crazy, didn’t consider that she might tell someone. Especially not the Attorney General. Who then has to act surprised because he already knows. I can’t believe we are even still doing this.

The episode starts with Susan Ross making her announcement for her Vice Presidency run. As she’s in her meeting with Fitz, Mellie and Cyrus all I can’t think is how much I adore her and how much this decision is totally going to backfire on Mellie. But then she gets up on the podium and starts laughing uncontrollably. And she snorts. And all I can think is “OMG…is she drunk?” She totally bombs. Abby gets Leo Bergman to coach Susan so that she won’t crack under pressure like that again. Fitz may have chosen her, but she needs to be approved by the senate to become the vice president. Leo is a jerk to her and things don’t really go well. He actually tells her at one point to stop telling the truth to which she responds “this is just theater. This is play acting.” and that’s not her brand of politics. She decides she doesn’t want to be vice-president and CERTAINLY not president and she quits.

The “Where’s the black lady?” lady shows up at OPA again and Olivia tells her she we will help find Lois. David has office hours from the general public now and then and has to suffer through a bunch of government conspiracy theories from paranoid citizen. But then a woman named Kim walks in and says her husband Diego told her about B613 and ooooooh snap David knows that one is legit because he’s very familiar with B613.

David goes to Jake and Huck to try to figure out who “Diego Munoz” is but Huck doesn’t even bother with the charade and admits that’s who he used to be. He tries to shut his wife down but she’s moving forward with trying to bring charges against B613 with or without him. Quinn knows something is going on but for once is not being nosy. Now would probably be a good time for her to be nosy, though.

Olivia questions how desperate Rose is to find her friend and how close they were. Rose tells Olivia that she and Lois were lovers when they were sixteen but that their families separated them. Back then there was no way you could be openly gay and black. They didn’t see each other for 40 years before they were reunited.”I waited over 40 years for my Lois,” Rose tells her. “I can wait a bit longer.” Liv has Huck and Quinn out trying to find the body. Rose is aware that Lois is most likely dead but she still needs peace. Olivia is able to track her down from a chip from a hip replacement. They bring her home and Rose is able to properly say goodbye to the love of her life.

Susan decides to take another swing at the vice-presidency. The senate actually like her but they are being petty about confirming her because of Fitz and his actions with the Angola War. She tells him he needs to go and apologize and then they have a tense, way too intimate moment in front of Cyrus and Abby and oh girl who cares about Olitz anymore? Huck and Kim go to a disposition with David and David and Huck have to pretend they haven’t known each other for years. David starts questioning Huck and he’s all “Nah, bro. Never happened,” and Kim is flipping her shit begging Huck to tell the truth. And then he does. He completely cracks and tells everything and I think David peed his pants a little. David had all of the B613 files but I don’t think he realized the full fucked-up-ness of the program until Huck described what is was like in the whole. Great monologue by Guillermo Diaz, too! David decides to go after B613 again, like he planned a year ago.

Somebody is gonna die soon. Or maybe they won’t. So many people are in on this B613 thing now, from the Attorney General to the President to the director of the Smithsonian (Olivia’s daddy) it wouldn’t be surprising if someone high enough was able to just make this whole thing go away. And really…wasn’t B613 disbanded in the first half of season 4? So who is in charge of protecting it? Whoever that is….they are gonna be so pissed when this starts rolling. I’m not gonna lie the whole B613 thing feels stale after 2-3 seasons of it so maybe this will end it for good.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 pm on ABC.